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Bhav Sagar (Bhawnaon Ka Samundra)
Manju Malik
ISBN : 9788193384206 (Paper Back)
Pages : 75
Year : 2017
Weight : 0
Price : RS 125.00

A Beautiful Hindi poetry book by Mrs. Manju Malik showing life in different aspects. Bhajan, Desh Bhakti aur Sanskritk Prem, Jeewan Sangeet, Jeewan ke Samanya Roop and so many more.... A series of Hindi poetry by a home maker showing abilities of expressing her thoughts in writing skills is brilliant and remarkable. Siya Publishing House Publishes her Manuscript and converted into a fine art of source.

Manju malik is an aspiring writer of various types of quotes and poetry relating to different aspects of nature and modern life. She has been presenting her beautiful thoughts and views in life by means of these writings which are in continuous circulation on social media. Her writings are heavily applauded and liked by her readers as they make them feel connected to the thought. Apart from being a passionate writer she is a regular indian housewife with two children and a husband. She inspite of taking care of various responsibilities at home projects her views and experiences about life and nature by means of her writings. Writing is more than just a hobby for her. The current writings are a reflection of my thoughts about various aspects of life in a beautiful and creative manner.